About POST research

The core objective of POST is to supply trusted and impartial analysis to the UK Parliament.

To do this, our advisers are in constant contact with experts from academia, industry, government, the third sector and beyond. Experts help us scan the horizon, identify literature, contextualise research evidence, and peer review our work.

Research by topic

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Research by publication type

  • POSTnotes

    Our flagship report is a four-page briefing reviewing the research landscape in emerging areas of research.

  • POSTbriefs

    Dynamic and strategic evidence syntheses that are produced rapidly in response to major developments in current affairs or select committee inquiries.

  • Rapid response content

    Rapid response content can be published within weeks to brief parliamentarians on important research developments.

  • Horizon scanning

    To produce timely and forward-thinking analysis, our team of advisers needs to closely monitor the research landscape. This horizon scanning process produces a range of reports that aim to inform Parliament about major areas of future interest.

  • Work programme

    Our work programme guides the production of POSTnotes and POSTbriefs. We use it to give experts an idea of what expertise we are looking for. If you have relevant expertise on an ongoing project, you can get in touch and contribute.

  • Event reports

    To make research accessible to parliamentarians we often host events with leading experts. Event reports capture the experts' presentations and the discussion that takes place during an event.

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